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Oddjob buys a hat…  

Oddjob buys a hat...

...1964 or 2010?
Read on…

…following in the footsteps of the mighty Harold Sakata, the original Oddjob, was no easy task. So professional lookalike Laval Siou decided he needed a head start in the business by equipping himself with an identical hat to the one worn in the original James Bond movie Goldfinger by Sakata – and where better to purchase it than the hatters who supplied the original hat for the movie in 1964, James Lock and Co. – the family owned business founded in 1676. After contacting 007 MAGAZINE for research information concerning Oddjob’s original screen costume, Laval soon found himself at Lock & Co. in St. James’s Street, London being measured for his new hat, a square-crowned coke, only Lock’s second fitting for this hat style since Harold Sakata visited their shop back in 1964.

Although Oddjob’s hat in the film Goldfinger was supposed in the storyline to have had a steel rim to despatch any potential victim, which he did by throwing the hat at them Frisbee-style, in reality, Harold Sakata never wore another hat other than the one original purchased for him from Lock & Co. by the Bond filmmakers EON Productions – so luckily Laval will have no problems on his travels through metal detectors at international airports. Originally hailing from Mauritius, and well-versed in the martial arts, which help Laval bring even more authenticity to his role-playing as Oddjob, he is now available for appearances at special events and publicity and advertising photo shoots, and equipped now with his new hat from Lock & Co. he is without doubt the world’s Number One authentic Oddjob lookalike.

Oddjob lookalike Laval Siou measured for his hat Oddjob lookalike Laval Siou at Lock's Hatters
Oddjob lookalike Laval Siou Laval Siou's square-crowned coke - Lock's Hatters

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