Frequently asked questions about subscriptions to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine

How do I subscribe to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine?
Choose the subscription option you require (1 YEAR or 1 MONTH) and click the appropriate button on the SUBSCRIPTION page. A Membership Sign-Up form will then be displayed into which you will be able to input your Name and Address together with your E-mail address and chosen password. Upon completion you will be forwarded to a secure PayPal page where you can finalise your subscription to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine. If you already have a PayPal account then registration is simple, if not then you will be given the option to create a new account.

Does a subscription to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine include printed magazines?
Printed magazines are not included as part of 007 MAGAZINE OnLine subscriptions. Each new 007 MAGAZINE publication is available to order as they become available. BACK ISSUES of older magazines are also available to purchase separately. 007 MAGAZINE OnLine features exclusive content not usually available in the printed issues.

What happens at the end of the subscription period?
Monthly and Annual subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the specified period in accordance with our terms and conditions. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time prior to their expiry date via your PayPal account or following the link in MY PROFILE. If cancelled, access to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine will then automatically cease at the end of the subscription period and no further payments will be charged. If you wish to re-subscribe at a later date, you will need to start the subscription process again.

Why does 007 MAGAZINE OnLine use PayPal?
Because PayPal is the global leader in online payments and you can choose to pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. PayPal allows you to make secure purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial information to third parties.

What happens next?
Once your PayPal transaction has been accepted you will receive an E-mail verification request.

Please note: This E-mail may take 1-2 hours to reach you but is usually much less than this. If you do not receive this email please check your deleted messages folder (or equivalent location) as these E-mails are sometimes treated as SPAM because they are not addressed to a specific person.

Your username and password will be the gateway to the SUBSCRIBERS’ ONLY AREA of 007 MAGAZINE OnLine and will grant unlimited access to the content therein. The LOGIN Page also has a link to MY PROFILE where you can update your personal details and make changes to your E-mail address or password. The facility to retrieve forgotten passwords is also available from this page.

Caution: If you wish to change your E-mail address, verification of your New E-mail address will be required. Be aware that for security purposes your account will be disabled until the new E-mail address is verified! Check the accuracy of your new E-mail address carefully before submitting.

Do I need a fast Internet connection to view 007 MAGAZINE OnLine?
Due to the nature and content of 007 MAGAZINE OnLine, a high speed Internet connection is recommended in order to view the high quality images and other exclusive material. 007 MAGAZINE OnLine is designed with the same ethos as the printed version and is not simply a collection of images coupled with text as seen on many websites. The aesthetic design of the pages is what you would expect from a high-quality magazine but is available exclusively on the web and therefore not constrained by standard page sizes.

Can I print 007 MAGAZINE OnLine?
Although the design of 007 MAGAZINE OnLine is similar in style to the printed version, the webzine is not constrained to a strict A4 format and consequently not all pages are the same length so some inconsistencies would be encountered if you tried to create your own hard copy of the magazine. Additionally there are features unique to the webzine such as slideshows, rollovers and other moving content which will not print.

Why do some parts of 007 MAGAZINE OnLine not display when I am viewing on a mobile or tablet?
007 MAGAZINE OnLine is designed to be viewed on as large a screen as possible and by its nature is very picture orientated. 007 MAGAZINE OnLine is not designed to replicate the look and feel of a printed magazine and some features may not be compatible across all platforms.

A simple guide to printing 007 MAGAZINE OnLine


Is subscribing to 007 MAGAZINE OnLine safe?
Absolutely. We won't be passing your information on to anyone, and of course your online credit card transactions are secure as they processed via PayPal.

What happens if I LOGIN but cannot access the SUBSCRIBERS' MENU?
Occasionally your Internet Browser accepts the LOGIN details but rejects the request to proceed any further into the site. If this happens we suggest you clear your COOKIES folder, restart your computer, and try again.

We also suggest that you use the latest version of your chosen browser. This error only appears to happen with the Internet Explorer browser. We recommend that you view 007 MAGAZINE OnLine in the latest version of your preferred browser.

If you have followed these instructions and are still having difficulties please contact support@007magazineonline.co.uk and describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours, but following the above instructions in the order described usually solves any login issues.


Can I share my 007 MAGAZINE OnLine login and password with other users?
No. Sharing passwords is not allowed and any abuse of this nature will result in the automatic permanent suspension of the subscription with no refund. Our LOGIN system monitors access to the site and will ban users who attempt to log in from multiple computers.

MISUSE OF THE 007 MAGAZINE WEBSITE                                                                             
Any subscriber visiting any area of the 007 MAGAZINE website and reproducing any part of its content without prior written permission will have their subscription revoked immediately without refund.

Please do not link directly to any images hosted on the 007 MAGAZINE or 007 MAGAZINE OnLine websites.

If my question does not appear in this FAQ, what should I do?
Please E-mail us at support@007magazineonline.co.uk (please allow 24 hours for reply).