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Printing 007 MAGAZINE OnLine
A guide to printing pages from the
007 MAGAZINE OnLine subscribers’ area.

With the final printed paper edition of 007 MAGAZINE being published in December 2005, it was with some trepidation that a percentage of our readers took to the idea that a publication they had loved and known for over 25 years was suddenly to be reborn in a 21st Century electronic form.

Many people baulked at the idea of paying a subscription fee, however amazingly good value for money, for something they could never really own in a tangible ‘hold-in-the-hand’ form and store on their bookshelves as a valued collectable alongside the other printed paper issues of 007 MAGAZINE. In an effort to dispel this misconception we present here a simple guide to exactly how you can print off pages from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine and store them in a collectable folder.

Each article, interview, and feature in 007 MAGAZINE OnLine is broken down into a number of pages on screen and usually leads on to a further number of pages in each section that makes up the complete multi-page finished article.

007 MAGAZINE OnLine folder on bookshelf

Printing the pages
To print out anything from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine we suggest the following: taking the article ‘From Bland To BAFTA’ as our example – first click on file and choose ‘Print Preview’, this will show you exactly how many pages the first section of the article will make and where each page breaks. Then click ‘Print’.*
Once the first 3 pages of this section of the article are printing then move on to the next section, and so on, until the whole article is printed out. All moving images on any pages such as ‘Rollovers’ and ‘Slideshows’ will not appear on your page print out, and are marked ‘SLIDESHOW’ on our illustrated examples here. Also, should you wish to print out any of the large image downloads featured on many of the pages, this can only be achieved by opening the download and clicking the print button, but in doing so this will also print out the whole section (however many pages) in which it appears.

*These instructions refer to MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER but similar options appear for other web browsers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using an inkjet printer it is important to remember to allow your pages from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine to dry thoroughly before sliding them (together backed up) into their clear plastic storage sleeves.

007 MAGAZINE OnLine folder open

Paper quality for your printed pages
The examples shown here were achieved using 100gsm paper. We advise you use no lighter weight paper than 100gsm, especially if using a colour inkjet printer. Obviously the better quality and weight paper used the better end result you will achieve. Although most inkjet printers will produce an acceptable quality, undoubtedly the best quality page output will come from a laser printer. We suggest you experiment with a page or two until you’re satisfied with the end quality before you print out too many pages.


 INKJET sample page from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine

 LASER sample page from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine


LASER Sample

Storing your articles from 007 MAGAZINE OnLine
Once your pages are printed these can be inserted, 2 pages backed up, into a single clear transparent A4 multi-punched pocket sleeve and then stored in a red A4 plastic ring binder. These A4 red binders and transparent sleeves can be purchased from all good office stationery retailers around the world, usually in boxes containing 100 sleeves (200 pages).

The suggested red A4 plastic ring binder has a transparent cover & spine sleeve in which you can position the FREE cover & spine title print out supplied here as a PDF file.

Cover & Spine Title Print Out (PDF) 5.5mb


007 MAGAZINE OnLine Folder cover

007 MAGAZINE OnLine sample two page printed spread