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  27 January 2019  


Nick Finlayson with Desmond Llewelyn 'Q' GoldenEye (1995)

Nick Finlayson, who was affectionately known by many as The real Q, has passed away.

Nick, like many SFX technicians before him, perfected his craft working for puppetry/miniatures pioneer Gerry Anderson on the television show Terrahawks before moving on to 10 Bond productions; Aliens; Christian Bale's Batman and the Tomb Raider movies, to name only a few. Nick worked on Bond from 1985 on A View To A Kill as part of the Special Effects team followed by The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill; however, it was not until Pierce Brosnan's tenure as 007 on GoldenEye that Nick fell under the spotlight as the creator of Bond's life saving gadgets, including the Piton Gun used in the pre-titles sequence, customising a Ranger paintball gun as the donor weapon. Nick crafted two practical/hero functional weapons and a rubber and resin solid stunt version cast from the hero prop for Wayne Michaels to use when doubling as Bond in the death-defying world record bungee jump in the pre-credit sequence for GoldenEye. For Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day, Nick and his team were responsible for crafting Bond's Omega Seamaster gadget laden timepieces; Wai Lins practical Viper head piton bracelet; also while working with Andy Smith's special vehicles team Nick pimped Bond's BMW 750 IL, BMW Z8 and Aston Martin Vanquish rides; a little known fact is that the Vanquish's SFX machine guns were re-appropriated by Nick for usage on Christian Bale's Tumbler in Batman Begins.

Perhaps the most memorable of Nick's creations was the Ericsson JB988 mobile phone; he and his team created three different prop phones whose combined special effects featured fingerprint scanner, electric stun prods and the BMWs remote control pad all featured in the one prop phone Pierce Brosnan's Bond utilises with deadly effect in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Nick was also Senior Effects Technician working closely with Chris Corbould on Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, creating gadgets and pimping Bond's cars as he had previously done for Pierce Brosnan's 007. Nick Finlayson a true unassuming British gentleman, a Special Effects Genius... RIP.

Mark Hazard

Nick Finlayson with the Tomorrow Never Dies special effects crew

Nick Finlayson Bond Filmography

1985 A View To A Kill (Special Effects Technician)
1987 The Living Daylights (Special Effects Technician)
1989 Licence To Kill (Special Effects Technician)
1995 GoldenEye (Special Effects Team)
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies (Special Effects Team)
1999 The World Is Not Enough (Workshop Supervisor)
2002 Die Another Day (Workshop Supervisor)
2006 Casino Royale (Senior Effects Technician)
2008 Quantum of Solace (Senior Effects Technician)
2012 Skyfall (Senior Effects Technician)

Ericsson JB988 mobile phone Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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