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  30 March 2019

Filming on BOND 25 begins in Norway

Filming on BOND 25 begins in Norway

After months of press speculation and rumours surrounding the production of the as yet untitled 25th James Bond film, it would appear that filming has finally begun in Nittedal, 20-miles north of Oslo in Norway. The scene involved a masked gunman chasing a blonde young girl across an ice lake. The situation described in the shooting script as: “A child shoots an intruder. She is chased by a 2nd intruder and runs onto a frozen lake.” The scenes very likely forms part of a flashback for Madeleine Swann's character, who described this story to Bond as they make their way by train to Blofeld's desert hideout in Spectre (2015). Although director Cary Fukunaga nor any principal players were present at the location, the action is the first concrete evidence that filming on BOND 25 has begun in earnest. With major casting still to be announced one can only speculate as to who the masked gunman is, although the girl clearly represents a young Madeleine Swann who will be played in BOND 25 by Léa Seydoux.

Filming on BOND 25 begins in Norway

ABOVE: The Iceman Cometh? Filming finally begins on BOND 25 in Norway with a mysterious masked gunman pursuing a young Madeleine Swann across a frozen lake.

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