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Terry Adlam

TERRY ADLAM is a scriptwriter and a self-confessed Bond fanatic. A fascination that began when he rode in the back of his parent’s car as they drove past Pinewood Studios one Sunday afternoon in 1966 and he saw the volcano set from You Only Live Twice looming over the trees.

Before concentrating on his writing career he was a special effects technician, beginning his career with the brilliant Bond matte artist Cliff Culley. Involvement with Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson led Terry into creating, directing and co-writing Dick Spanner, a stop-motion animated TV series that appeared on Channel 4 – and is still available from any good car-boot sale! It was due to his involvement with Dick that he had to turn down the chance of working on Never Say Never Again!

Terry’s main writing forte is for TV and Radio comedy; among his credits are Spitting Image, Hale & Pace, The News Huddlines, as well as shows overseas. In addition to the Bond films he has an unhealthy interest in British comedy films. He doesn’t have a favourite Bond film as he believes they all have great, good and not so good moments, although You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service do figure largely when the subject arises!

Jon Auty

JON AUTY was born in 1972 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Soon after he was born it became Royal Leamington Spa. Gets you thinking doesn't it?

He was the editor and publisher of ‘STUNTS’ Magazine. This industry publication gave an insight into the world of the stunt professional here in the UK and in the US. His work on this publication was recognised by many including the Hollywood Stuntman's Hall Of Fame who rewarded him with Honorary Membership in 2007.

He is widely renowned as the UK’s leading authority on the stunt community and has worked as an advisor on many newspaper articles, books and live shows.

He has been involved in many television projects including: The Paradise Club, A Touch of Frost and Taggart. And numerous motion pictures including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, A Knight’s Tale and Die Another Day.

Greg Bechtloff

GREG BECHTLOFF was the U.S. West Coast correspondent for 007 MAGAZINE. He was also a Contributing Editor for the websites ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang’ and ‘007 Forever’.

Raymond Benson

RAYMOND BENSON has had impressive career in ‘Bondage’. As a Bond fan he wrote extensively for both the American and British James Bond Fan Clubs, and in 1984 wrote what is still considered to be the definitive study of the James Bond character in book and film, The James Bond Bedside Companion. He also wrote the computer game adaptations of Goldfinger and A View To A Kill, and a role-playing game sequel to You Only Live Twice, ‘Back of Beyond.’

In more recent years, Benson was selected as the succeeding Bond continuation author to John Gardner, and between 1996 and 2002 penned six original James Bond novels, including ZERO MINUS TEN, THE FACTS OF DEATH, and THE MAN WITH THE RED TATTOO, as well as three 007 short stories, BLAST FROM THE PAST, MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DOOM, and LIVE AT FIVE.

Raymond Benson has been an author, composer, computer game designer, and stage director for over 25 years. In 2003, Raymond left the world of James Bond to write his own original works.

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Craig Bunyan

CRAIG BUNYAN is a History and Film & Media Studies graduate, and is currently seeking media related employment. He first became a Bond fan aged eight after viewing You Only Live Twice on British television and has been a fanatic ever since. The first Bond film he saw at the cinema was GoldenEye in 1995. Craig’s one link to the James Bond family is that Dame Diana Rigg oversaw his graduation in 2005 in her role as Chancellor of the University of Stirling.

John Cork

JOHN CORK is a producer, author and James Bond historian, he co-wrote three official Bond books, James Bond: The Legacy, Bond Girls Are Forever and The James Bond Encyclopaedia. As a producer, he was given unique access to the archives of the Bond filmmakers EON Productions to create the outstanding documentaries for the James Bond DVDs and Blu-rays from Dr. No (1962) to Casino Royale (2006).

As a professional screenwriter, John was even given a shot at developing a James Bond film by the filmmakers. He also published Goldeneye magazine (now discontinued) for The Ian Fleming Foundation, of which he is co-founder. And when the makers of the Scene It? DVD trivia games wanted to produce a 007 edition, John Cork was the man they asked to provide the questions. His in-depth look at the history of the development of the Thunderball story remains the definitive article.

John Cox

JOHN COX became a Bond fan in 1977 when he first saw The Spy Who Loved Me. He is a collector of James Bond first editions and an expert on the life of Harry Houdini.

John is a graduate of the USC’s School of Cinema-Television and has worked as a professional Hollywood screenwriter for seven years, during which time he has written projects for ABC-TV, MGM, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, and the USA Network.

Robert Von Dassanowsky

ROBERT VON DASSANOWSKY is Associate Professor and Chair of Languages & Cultures, and Director of Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

In addition to his widely published work on film and literary history, he is an independent producer, contributing adviser to the International Dictionary of Films & Filmmakers – and the founding Vice-President of the Austrian American Film Association.

James Bond somehow always manages to make an appearance in his film analysis and courses – and he is the film Casino Royale’s best propagandist!

Kevin Harper

KEVIN HARPER has been a Bond fan since the age of 10 when he saw Diamonds Are Forever on its original release in 1972.

His favourite Bond actor is naturally Sean Connery but his favourite film in the series is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as it remains so close to its source material. A huge Ian Fleming fan, Kevin favours the 007 books over the films – but it was the Sixties’ Bonds that helped kindle his keen interest in the art of cinema in general.

Tomas Hedman

TOMAS HEDMAN has been a Bond fan since his early teens. "There was something almost magical about the shelf in the local video rental store where the Bond films stood. It was almost saddening when I had seen them all, and there were no more surprises to expect. Except for every two or three years when the magic returns!"

Tomas is a radio journalist in Karlstad, Sweden, and is proud to have interviewed Roger Moore, Desmond Llewelyn, Monty Norman and most recently Daniel Craig.

Anthony Jones

ANTHONY JONES has looked directly into the mirror and uttered the words, “Bond . . . James Bond,” more times than is fitting for a man of his age. He’s still not managed to make it convincing but it’s in his nature to keep trying. This being one of his defining qualities, he has been a Primary School teacher in Derby for the last 25 years. He graduated in English Language and Literature from the University of Manchester in 1987 and subsequently undertook Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Cairo and Lyon. His favourite Bond film is Goldfinger (1964), which he has seen more than 100 times, and amongst his fondest Bondian memories are watching Sean Connery Double and Triple Bills in the early 1970s, as well as viewing each new Roger Moore Bond movie upon its release. His incredibly tenuous Bond connection is that on his wife’s side he has family in Jamaica and he is proud to have visited Bond locations in Egypt, Turkey, Jamaica, America and England! He regularly rereads the Ian Fleming originals and has read every continuation novel more than once. Being a big fan of Kingsley Amis’ COLONEL SUN, he would love to see it adapted as a movie. He contends that EON Productions have never made a bad Bond film. The reflection in the mirror agrees.

Lukas Kendall

LUKAS KENDALL is the founder and publisher of Film Score Monthly, the leading magazine about movie music. Through FSM he has restored and released over 75 soundtracks of classic film scores, and acted as an independent contractor on other albums, including the 2002 expanded editions of EMI’s James Bond music CDs.

Lukas’ favourite Bond moment is the entire first half of Sean Connery's comeback as 007, Diamonds Are Forever.

Lancelot Narayan

LANCELOT NARAYAN is one of those guys who is known in Bond circles as a ‘life-styler’. When the chips are down you can always rely on Lance to be drunk and useless. Although he prefers to call it ‘Elegantly Wasted’.

He was born in London (in front of a television showing Queenie’s Castle, to be precise) in November 1968. He worked for the Ministry of Defence for 13 years, but grew an inch over regulation height, before leaving to do anything else! And anything he did; writing for film magazines and newspapers and organising PR for 007 MAGAZINE James Bond events.

Lance’s friendship with Graham Rye and Andrew Pilkington lead to him organising much valuable publicity for 007 MAGAZINE and 007 NEWSLETTER, adding an irreverent voice on all things Bond.

It was in 2001 that Lance, together with friend and fellow 007 MAGAZINE contributor Matthew Field, created the special features for Paramount Pictures’ DVD release of The Italian Job. Lance never looked back. He went on to co-produce and direct the features for the Zulu DVD, and his magnum opus, the making of Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West. In 2005, Lance’s DVD projects have included features for Lord Attenborough’s Oh What A Lovely War!, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (2nd season), and Event Horizon, directed Paul W. S. Anderson.

Steve Oxenrider

STEPHEN OXENRIDER can pinpoint the exact date he became hooked on Bond: November 26, 1965, with the NBC television special The Incredible World of James Bond. That Christmas he saw Thunderball nearly 25 times, talked with both Lotte Lenya and Harold Sakata by phone and 41 years later has amassed an amazing collection of stills, posters, autographs, toys and merchandising. Steve’s favourite Bond film is Goldfinger but "the double-bills of the 60s and 70s, with those fantastic ad campaigns, were as exciting as a new release." He is just as excited about the release of Casino Royale as he was with Thunderball.

Steve teaches English as a Second Language in an American public school and has travelled to more than 43 countries, many of them Bond locales. Riding roller coasters is his second passion.

Andrew Pilkington

ANDREW PILKINGTON has been involved with 007 MAGAZINE from its inception in 1979, and his contributions to the publication in the past have been varied and definitive.

Ask Andrew to name his favourite Bond film and he’ll still be explaining three hours later – the words ‘hind legs’ and ‘donkey’ spring to mind! However, he’d probably admit it’s a tie between From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. At the other end of the spectrum, his least favourite Bond films are A View To A Kill and Octopussy, but way way below these is Die Another Day!

His favourite Bond movie moments are the train fight in From Russia With Love and the laser beam sequence in Goldfinger. Away from Bond, Andrew has a preference for the films of Cary Grant and Clint Eastwood, and Sixties’ TV shows – including Star Trek and its movie series.

After working for a high street bank for 22 years, he has more recently become the marketing director for a Surrey-based company providing 360-panoramic imaging for websites.

Hank Reineke

HANK REINEKE became a life-long James Bond fan in 1970, when age nine, his father took him to see a twin-bill of Thunderball and You Only Live Twice at the State Theatre in Jersey City, NJ. A first-run screening of Diamonds Are Forever followed in December of 1971. Hank’s fanaticism was sealed in June 1972, when Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger were programmed as a triple-bill at the State – United Artists infamous ‘Spend a Night with James Bond!’ reissue package.

Hank’s fascination with the James Bond films as a kid encouraged him to search out copies of the Signet Ian Fleming paperback series, and it was his reading (and re-reading) of the great Fleming novels – and Robert Markham’s COLONEL SUN – that ignited his own interest in writing. Hank holds a B.A. from Jersey City State College in Media Arts and has written extensively about American folk, blues and country music for a number of NYC area magazines; and was a research consultant on the award-winning documentary film The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack. Hank is married and has two beautiful daughters – Emily, age 10, born on May 28th – Ian Fleming’s birthday, of course – and Sara, age 8, whose favourite 007 films are The Man With The Golden Gun and “the one with the volcano!”

Stephen Rowley

STEPHEN ROWLEY is an urban planner, writer, and a PhD candidate at the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. His writing has appeared in Animation Journal, The Age, Planning News, the online journals Senses of Cinema and The Refractory, and on various websites including InFilm Australia.

A Bond fan since childhood, he is a strong believer that the Bond series demands more attention as a cornerstone of modern cinema, rather than as a niche genre of its own.


Graham Rye

GRAHAM RYE began publishing 007 MAGAZINE as a part-time venture in 1983, before developing it into a full-time commercial enterprise in 1988, since when his publication has become ‘the bible’ for thousands of Bond fans in over 40 countries around the world.

His interest in all things Bond began at the tender age of eleven when his father took him in 1962 to see the first James Bond film Dr. No. With the release of Goldfinger in 1964 he discovered Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and was hooked – for life!

Rye describes himself as a ‘traditionalist Bond fan’, and considers the first six films in the series to be the quintessential Bond: “If my home was on fire and I had time to grab a couple of handfuls of Bond DVDs as I dashed out, it would have to be Dr. No to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – perhaps Diamonds Are Forever – but only if it was a small fire!” Rye is also the author of the best-selling book The James Bond Girls.

Richard Schenkman

RICHARD SCHENKMAN is a working writer/director/producer with a number of feature films to his credit. His most recent is Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth which has won numerous film festival awards. His addiction to all things 007 began the summer of 1967, during which he read all of Ian Fleming’s novels in order, and saw his first Bond film in a theatre in upstate New York. Thus by September, he was hooked.

Frustrated by the complete unavailability of ‘behind-the-scenes’ information about the movies and books, he and Bob Forlini co-founded ‘The James Bond 007 Fan Club’ in the United States, and began publishing Bondage magazine. At its height, the fanzine was read by more than 10,000 people in over 30 countries. Highlights included in-depth, exclusive interviews with Tom Mankiewicz, Terence Young, Cubby Broccoli, and Timothy Dalton; set visits to Never Say Never Again and The Living Daylights; a pilgrimage to 'Goldeneye' when it was still as Ian Fleming had left it; rescuing a number of Ian Fleming Sunday Times pieces from the dustbin of history; and publishing one of the very first ‘graphic novels’ – The Illustrated James Bond.

Richard’s most obscure Bond credit must surely be having written the dialogue for Electronic Arts’ 007 Road Race game.

Robert Sellers

ROBERT SELLERS is a freelance film journalist and author and avid Bond fan since his early teens. Over the years he has interviewed numerous Bond celebrities including Sir Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Guy Hamilton, Lewis Gilbert, John Glen, Sir Ken Adam, Michael G. Wilson, Irvin Kershner, Shirley Eaton and Barbara Carrera.

He ranks the pinnacle of Bond moviedom as Thunderball (anyone who disagrees is obviously a deluded fool), which is just as well since he’s devoted nearly two years to researching and writing a book on the film’s controversial history. He is author of The Battle For Bond and is currently writing the authorized biography of Bond stunt man and acclaimed action director Vic Armstrong.

Luke Williams

LUKE G. WILLIAMS has been a Bond fanatic for 25 years. The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill would be his Desert Island Bond movies. He has never been able to watch Die Another Day all the way to the end – the first half of the film has scarred him enough already.

During an eclectic journalism career, he has covered a wide range of subjects for a variety of outlets, including The Guardian, Football Gazette and uefa.com, and has interviewed many superstars from the world of sport including Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Terry Griffiths and Jimmy White. His first book, Masters of the Baize (co-authored with Paul Gadsby), was published in 2004 and named book of the week by The Sunday Times. However, perhaps his greatest achievement is beating the late, great Alex Higgins in a frame of pool.

For the past six years, Luke has worked as an English and Drama teacher at an inner-city comprehensive school in South London.

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