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Casino Royale

 (1954 - TV)

Casino Royale


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Host for CLIMAX! William Lundigan

William Lundigan

James Bond (Barry Nelson)

James Bond (Barry Nelson)

Valerie Mathis (Linda Christian)

Valerie Mathis (Linda Christian)

Casino Royale logo (From TV Guide)

Date of broadcast: 21st October 1954 CBS-TV
Channel 2 8.30-9.30 EST
Running Time: 50 minutes
James Bond: Barry Nelson

American CIA agent 'card-sharp' Jimmy Bond joins forces with Clarence Leiter of the British Secret Service to outwit Soviet Agent Le Chiffre, who is using party funds to raise money at the Baccarat tables of Casino Royale.

Bondís Women: Valerie Mathis (Linda Christian)
Bondís Enemies: Le Chiffre (Peter Lorre)
Zoltan (Kurt Katch)
Basil (Gene Roth)
Bondís Allies: Clarence Leiter (Michael Pate)
Art Directors: Robert Tyler Lee & James DeVal
Screenplay: Antony Ellis & Charles Bennett
Host for CLIMAX! William Lundigan
Director: William H. Brown
Producer: Bretaigne Windust
Music: Jerry Goldsmith [uncredited]

Casino Royale was originally broadcast live on Thursday, October 21st 1954 as the third show in the first season of the anthology drama series 'CLIMAX'. Casino Royale was long thought to be lost but surfaced from obscurity when film and TV historian Jim Schoenberger discovered an old kinescope of the production in Chicago in the early 1980s*.

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Casino Royale: The TV Bond Found!

Casino Royale ACT 1/End Title

Casino Royale ACT 1/End Title

Le Chiffre (Peter Lorre)

Le Chiffre (Peter Lorre)

Clarence Leiter (Michael Pate)

Clarence Leiter (Michael Pate)

*The original discovery was a truncated version of Casino Royale which was missing the final 2.5 minutes of the production (which included final comments from host William Lundigan and the end credits) and was released on VHS video in the UK in 1995, and later appeared as an extra feature on DVD releases of the 1967 film Casino Royale. A complete poor quality version of the kinescope was later discovered and released on Video & DVD in the USA by Spyguise, with the original ending restored.
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