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Graham Rye at Pinewood Studios 1990 Convention

007 MAGAZINE Editor/Art Director/Publisher
007 MAGAZINE career highlights

1984 007 MAGAZINE #14 becomes the first A4-size issue of the publication.
1988 007 MAGAZINE becomes available for sale distributed through the Newstrade in newsagents W. H. Smith and John Menzies in the UK.
1989 007 MAGAZINE in addition to being distributed through the Newstrade becomes available on sale via the National Screen Service to the ODEON and Cannon Cinema chains in the UK.
1989 Graham Rye authors and designs his first book, ‘The James Bond Girls’ – successfully republished for a decade.
1990 The 007 MAGAZINE Thunderball 25th Anniversary screening at the National Film Theatre with guests: Director Terence Young, Bond Girl Molly Peters, Stunt Arranger George Leech, SFX supremo John Stears, Art Director/Production Designer Syd Cain, Credit Title Designer Maurice Binder. The sell-out screening was followed by a private dinner at The Hampshire Hotel, London.
1990 007 MAGAZINE becomes the first organisation outside the film industry permitted to hold an event – The James Bond 007 Fan Club Convention – at Pinewood Studios and hire a Soundstage.
Guests included: Desmond ‘Q’ Llewelyn, Maurice Binder, Peter Lamont, Syd Cain, Molly Peters, Wing Commander Ken Wallis, Carole Ashby, and Thunderball Oscar-winner John Stears.
1992 Graham Rye acquired Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s large fibreglass Coat of Arms as seen in the sixth James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).
1993 Graham Rye discovered the Moon Buggy from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) in a dilapidated state and organised its renovation before leasing it to Planet Hollywood for 10 years.
1993 Desmond ‘Q’ Llewelyn and Lois ‘Moneypenny’ Maxwell were reunited after eight years at The James Bond 007 Fan Club Christmas Lunch. Guests included: Stunt Arranger Paul Weston, Production Designer Syd Cain, Bond film Production Manager Iris Rose.
1994 George Lazenby makes his first public appearance in the UK at The James Bond 007 Fan Club Christmas Lunch. Guests included: Desmond ‘Q’ Llewelyn and Lois ‘Moneypenny’ Maxwell (reunited with George after 25 years), the first lady of Bond – Eunice Gayson, Stuntmen/Arrangers George Leech, Alf Joint, and Paul Weston, and Goldfinger Oscar-winner Norman Wanstall.
1995 A special A5-size edition of the 007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 25th Anniversary Issue is published packaged with the MGM/UA HOME VIDEO OHMSS Widescreen Special Edition Boxed Set.
1996 A special A5-size edition of the 007 MAGAZINE GoldenEye Special is published packaged with the MGM/UA HOME VIDEO GoldenEye Widescreen Version Boxed Set.
1996 Graham Rye designed the 40,000 square foot exhibition ‘The World of James Bond 007’ for display at The Paris Motor Show.
1996 The James Bond 007 Fan Club 4th Annual Christmas Lunch (gold themed).
Guests included: Christopher Lee, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, Guy Hamilton, Norman Wanstall, Lois Maxwell, and Desmond Llewelyn. Graham Rye arranged for all 200 ticket holders attending this event to be given a ‘surprise’ ticket to attend the Cubby Broccoli memorial event at the ODEON Leicester Square the following day.
1998 The James Bond 007 Fan Club 6th Annual Christmas Lunch (themed on You Only Live Twice).
Guests included: Sir Ken Adam, Norman Wanstall, Desmond Llewelyn, Wing Commander Ken Wallis.
1998 Graham Rye sells ‘Oddjob’s bowler hat’ in auction at Christie’s for £62,000.
1999 Graham Rye designed & customized a new 1,400 square foot office space as a base for 007 MAGAZINE & ARCHIVE Limited.
2000 007 MAGAZINE Issue #38 – 21st Anniversary Special Issue (1979-2000). A compilation from some of the best of 007 MAGAZINE.
2000 Graham Rye was commissioned by Stoke Park Golf Club in Buckinghamshire to theme their exclusive Colt Bar to reflect the film Goldfinger, which had been filmed on the great British course in 1964.
2005 Graham Rye was responsible for arranging for Ursula Andress to appear at her first-ever autograph signing show in the UK.
2005 007 MAGAZINE Issue #48 – Thunderball 40th Anniversary Special
2010 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – File #1 (2-parter launches)
2010 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – The James Bond Girls by Graham Rye – File #1 (4-parter launches)
2011 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – Bond Girls of the 1960s – Martine Beswicke (4-parter launches)
2014 The 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ by Graham Rye (350-page metal covered Wiro-Bound book)
2015 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 1 (76-pages)
2016 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 2 (76-pages)
2016 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 3 (76-pages)
2016 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 4 (76-pages)
2016 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 5 (76-pages)
2016 007 MAGAZINE Special Publication: The Most Famous Gun In The World (120-pages)
2017 007 MAGAZINE Collectors’ Guide to: UK & USA Front of House & Lobby Cards (1962-2002) (130-pages)
2017 007 MAGAZINE OMNIBUS #1 (198-pages) [1 of 7]
2017 007 MAGAZINE – The James Bond Films: Exhibitors’ Campaign Books (UK) Volume 1 (80-pages)
2017 007 MAGAZINE – Sir Roger Moore – James Bond 007 Special Commemorative Issue (50-pages)
2017 007 MAGAZINE – You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary (1967-2017) Special by Graham Rye
2018 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – Bond Girls of the 1960s – Luciana Paluzzi (36-pages)
2018 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – Bond Girls of the 1970s – Caroline Munro (36-pages)
2019 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES – Bond Girls of the 1960s – Shirley Eaton (36-pages)
2019 007 MAGAZINE 40th Anniversary (1979-2019) Issue (68-pages)
2020 007 MAGAZINE Special Publication: Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 (76-pages)
2020 007 MAGAZINE Bond Girls Omnibus (150-pages)
2020 007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 126-page Special Issue – the Definitive Edition!
2021 007 MAGAZINE | Sir Sean Connery Special Tribute Issue (152-pages)
2022 007 MAGAZINE Special Publication: The Most Famous Gun In The World (120-pages) [second edition]
Graham Rye media appearances

Beginning in 1989, GRAHAM RYE worked with MTV EUROPE on compiling a montage of the best 007 film clips for an hour-long James Bond special to coincide with the release of Licence To Kill. Rye also appeared in a five-minute interview on the TV programme.

Since then GRAHAM RYE has made various other TV appearances including:
BBC TV ‘Children In Need’ • ‘Good Morning with Anne & Nick’ BBC TV - World Service The Esther Show • LWT’s ‘Schofield’s Quest’ • Meridian News; ‘The Pier’ • BSKYB: ‘31 West’: News (with George Lazenby) • UK Living 1 'Til 3 with Paul Ross • Granada Talk: The Paul Ross Show • GMTV News • Live TV (cable channel) NBC • CNN KBC France • Channel 1 Russia • Carlton; ‘James Bond - Shaken & Stirred’ documentary’ The Paul Ross Show Film 2002 • BBC TV 6 O’Clock News • ‘Brits Go To Hollywood: Sean Connery’ Channel 4 • Liquid Assets: Sean Connery’s Millions BBC3 • Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada - also broadcast across the U.S.A., South America and the Caribbean) • SKY NEWS • BBC South East Today • BBC TV ‘Flog It!’ • ITV Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape.

Continuing radio interviews include:
BBC-World Service; BBC Radio News (broadcast nationwide); Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Bristol, Cleveland, Derby, Humberside, Kent, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Merseyside, Newcastle, Northampton, Southern Counties, Shropshire; Capitol Radio; Talk UK; London News Radio; London Talk Radio; County Sound; Liberty Radio; British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS covers the following countries: Germany, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Balkans, Falklands, Brunei, Afghanistan, Ascension Islands, Iraq, Qatar, and Belize); Radio 702 South Africa (Johannesburg); CIQC Quebec; CKNW Canada; KRFC San Francisco; WCCO Minneapolis; ABC Radio – NSW Australia.

GRAHAM RYE has also been featured and quoted in most major newspapers and magazines around the world, including: The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, You - The Mail on Sunday, The Evening Standard, The Independent, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, Surrey Herald News, The Woking Informer, Lo Spettacolo ITALY, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail CANADA, The Gazette Montreal, The New Zealand Dominion, Khaleej Times DUBAI United Arab Emirates, Sunday Mail MALAYSIA, The Hong Kong Eastern Express; Empire, Esquire, Harper’s BAZAAR, TV Times, Chat, Best, Film Review, BBC Top Gear Magazine, Newstatesman SOCIETY, London’s Guide CITY LIMITS Magazine, Vox, Starlog, What’s On CYPRUS, TV Movie GERMANY, Free Style Life For Men JAPAN, The Telegraph Calcutta INDIA.

Interviews with GRAHAM RYE are also regularly syndicated around the world by press agencies, including Reuters and PA.

BBC TV Flog It!
March 9, 2020: 007 MAGAZINE HQ featured in BBC TV’s ‘Flog It!’
Series 17: Episode 35 comes from Dover Castle in Kent.

Paul O'Grady's Great British Escape - Kent

Paul O'Grady's Great British Escape - The Duck Inn, Pett Bottom - Graham Rye and Paul O'Grady

Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape- Series 1 - Episode 4
(first aired 8pm Wednesday, December 2, 2020) 

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