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The latest news items from the world
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James Bond 50th Anniversary News
BOND 25 No Time To Die
All the news and pictures from No Time To Die starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.
The 25th James Bond film will be released in cinemas from 30th September 2021, and the USA/Canada on 8th October 2021.
James Bond themed EVENTS EVENTS
News of upcoming James Bond themed
events, celebrity signings and exhibitions.
007 MAGAZINE Media Archive - images available to the media MEDIA ARCHIVE
Images available to the media
from the 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE.
FACT FILES - The James Bond Novels FACT FILES - The James Bond Novels
Everything you need to know about the
James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming
and continuation authors.
Plus a look at James Bond's long association with PLAYBOY magazine.
FACT FILES FACT FILES - The James Bond Movies
Everything you need to know about the 25 official James Bond films, plus the two independently made films, and 1954 US live TV broadcast of Casino Royale.
Profiles of the six actors who have played 007.
New Products: News and links to all the latest James Bond merchandise NEW PRODUCTS
News and links to all the latest James Bond merchandise, toys, gadgets, books, DVDs and Blu-ray.
FACT FILES FACT FILES - James Bond Posters
A gallery of the posters that accompanied every official general release or re-release of the James Bond films in the UK.
Also 007 MAGAZINE Collector's Guide to US James Bond movie posters.
Growing Old Gracfully - For Your Eyes Only at 40 GROWING OLD GRACEFULLY
007 MAGAZINE looks back at the production of Roger Moore's fifth James Bond film as For Your Eyes Only celebrates its 40th Anniversary.
SHOWMANSHIP & EXPLOITATION - A Fistful of Secret Agents, Pink Panthers... and much more! SHOWMANSHIP & EXPLOITATION
A Fistful of Secret Agents, Pink Panthers ... and much more! A look at the studio responsible for bringing James Bond to the big screen. Including some of the other films and spin-offs distributed by United Artists alongside James Bond.
Timothy Dalton at 75 Timothy Dalton at 75
The war hero, the special ops agent and the music hall legend – the amazing family history of 007-star Timothy Dalton revealed!
A 007 MAGAZINE Exclusive to celebrate the
75th birthday of the two-time James Bond.
Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020) Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020)
007 MAGAZINE pays tribute to the actor who is still considered by many to be the definitive screen James Bond. A definitive look back at the distinguished career of Sean Connery – Bond and Beyond!
London Calling! LONDON CALLING!
A nostalgic look back to a time when the only place to see a James Bond film was on the big screen! An exclusive two-part article taking a fascinating look at the release schedules of the James Bond films in London's West End.
James Bond on the Smal Screen JAMES BOND ON THE SMALL SCREEN
Read about the controversy surrounding the
sale of the James Bond films to UK television
in 1974, and how the series subsequently conquered the TV ratings when first broadcast.
The complete guide to James Bond in paperback, including an exclusive five-part overview of the most successful period in Bond's literary history, when Ian Fleming's novels were published in the UK by PAN Books.
The complete guide to James Bond in paperback in the USA, including a comprehensive checklist of all cover variations by title from 1955 to date.
PULP FICTION - The publishing history of the James Bond novels in the USA PULP FICTION
The publishing history of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels in the USA is examined in a fascinating new and exclusive in-depth article. 
007 MAGAZINE's Collectors' Guide to James Bond and PLAYBOY

James Bond & PLAYBOY
An exclusive article examining James Bond's long association with PLAYBOY magazine. From the serialisation of Ian Fleming's novels and short stories, to a peek at the pictorials that promoted the release of each new Bond film.

The Big Gamble - Licence To Kill at 30 THE BIG GAMBLE
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Licence To Kill, 007 MAGAZINE looks back at the production of the sixteenth James Bond film starring Timothy Dalton in his second and final 007 adventure.
Nadja Regin Interview Nadja Regin (1931-2019)
One of the few actresses to appear in two Bond films as two different characters, Nadja Regin’s off-screen life story is more dramatic and heart-rending than any Hollywood movie. An exclusive interview with the two-time Bond Girl.
The Japanese Greta Garbos? The Japanese Greta Garbos?
In search of Mie Hama and Akiko Wakabayashi. A look at the careers of two of the most elusive Bond Girls from You Only Live Twice - which celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2017.
Casino Royale at 50 Casino Royale at 50
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the release of Casino Royale, 007 MAGAZINE presents 007 little-known facts about the film that was too big for one James Bond!
007 MAGAZINE looks back at the production of The Spy Who Loved Me as the film celebrates its 40th Anniversary.
Thunderball at the NFT Thunderball at the NFT
From the Archive
ANDREW PILKINGTON reports on the Thunderball 25th Anniversary screening at London's National Film Theatre. This special event reunited many cast and crew members who worked on the film.
Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017) Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)
007 MAGAZINE's tribute to Sir Roger Moore and Leave them wanting Moore - a brief overlook at the 7 movie tenure of one of the most popular James Bond actors ever!
An exclusive article revealing important information regarding the creation of some of Ian Fleming's most famous characters and his own connections with the county of Kent.
A trubite to Desmond Llewelyn Desmond Llewelyn (1914-1999)
A tribute to the much-loved character
actor who played gadget-master 'Q' in
16 James Bond films.
BOND 50 Blu-ray review BOND 50 Blu-ray review
An exclusive review of the BOND 50 Blu-ray sets from both sides of the Atlantic.

Bloody Snow BLOODY SNOW!
An assault on Piz Gloria...
or A Father & Son's Bonding Experience.

OHMSS enthusiast FRED BRYANT took a trip to Piz Gloria, and like James Bond before him,
escaped to bring us this debriefing.
George Lazenby Interview George Lazenby Interview
From the Archive
One-time James Bond George Lazenby was interviewed in Los Angeles by PAUL RIDDELL
for 007 MAGAZINE in 1981.
Roger - Over and Out! Roger - Over and Out!
From the Archive
Journalist and author DAVID GIAMMARCO talked with Roger Moore from his home in Beverly Hills, California for 007 MAGAZINE Issue #16 1987.
From the Archive
James Bond author RAYMOND BENSON
in conversation with Timothy Dalton for
007 MAGAZINE issue #21 1989.
Exclusive extracts from The Battle For Bond by ROBERT SELLERS The Battle For Bond
10 Things You Never Knew About
Kevin McClory and Thunderball

007 MAGAZINE exclusively presents extracts from the book, Battle For Bond: The Genesis of Cinema's Greatest Hero by ROBERT SELLERS.
The Battle For Bond Rages On! The Battle For Bond Rages On!
Author and journalist ROBERT SELLERS talks exclusively to 007 MAGAZINE about the latest page in the seemingly never-ending saga of
the ‘THUNDERBALL case’.
See Also The Battle For Bond Battles On!
07-07-07 - A special report SPECIAL REPORT: 07-07-07
Roving reporter DUNCAN CARTER reports on
The Theme Party People’s
07-07-07 James Bond 007 Nassau Experience.
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007 MAGAZINE Contributors past and present CONTRIBUTORS
Biographies of the contributors to
007 MAGAZINE past and present.
The complete illustrated history of 007 MAGAZINE HISTORY
A complete illustrated history of 007 MAGAZINE from its inception in 1979 to the present day; a look at the staff, offices and events that helped establish 007 MAGAZINE as the world's premier James Bond resource!
Events - A look back at 25 years of groundbreaking events ofganised by Graham Rye EVENTS
A fully illustrated look back at 25 years
of groundbreaking events organised by
Graham Rye for 007 MAGAZINE readers!
The 007 MAGAZINE Archive has been active in saving many film props from destruction and has been responsible for archiving a number of rare and unique items from the James Bond films for the enjoyment of future generations.
Graham Rye - A complete illustrated professional biography BIOGRAPHY
Graham Rye's complete illustrated
James Bond-related professional biography.
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